Aston-Martin Granted Alcohol Trademark Making A Stir

Aston-Martin Granted Alcohol Trademark

November 27,2019

The British car company, Aston Martin has been granted a trademark for its name and wing logo to be used in relation to alcoholic beverages.

The company has refused to comment on whether the trademark foreshadows a new product release in the drinks sector.

A spokesperson told The Telegraph: “We are very protective of the Aston Martin brand, and we are continually filing trademarks for the Aston Martin brand in various sectors to do this.”

It is not the first time that the car manufacturer has ventured into alcohol. In 2015 the company teamed up with LVMH’s Dom Pérignon to create a bespoke Champagne ‘cellar’ that fits into the boot of a car.

Aston-Martin Granted Alcohol Trademark Making A Stir

London's Cub Set To Close

August 7,2020

Ryan Chetiyawardana has confirmed that his Hoxton-based venue, Cub, which opened in September 2017, will not reopen following lockdown measures in the UK.

Designed to be a ‘luxury sustainable drinks-led dining experience,’ the venue focused on minimise waste while showing that luxury experiences need not be excessive.

Chetiyawardana, aka Mr Lyan, said: “Cub was named as the baby of the group – it was precious and important – and it is incredibly sad to see it go.

“What the team created was something we were truly in awe of – something that reflected our desire to provide a super fun space for our guests, that also showed that our generation could have a positive impact on the world of food and drink.

“Although it won’t reopen as a permanent space, we certainly will continue its legacy as that still stands strong, and something we hope to bring back in the future.”

Aston-Martin Granted Alcohol Trademark Making A Stir

Talisker supports coastal communities affected by Covid-19

August 6,2020

Isle of Skye-based Scotch whisky Talisker has launched an initiative to support coastal communities impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Talisker has partnered with seafood provider Loch Fyne Oysters to raise funds for The Fisherman’s Mission charity, which provides practical and financial support to coastal fishing communities across Great Britain.

Ali Godfrey, director of business development at the charity, said: “Covid-19 meant the collapse of the supply chain for UK fish with the closure of fish markets, restaurants and cafés. Not only is this partnership offering vital financial support but just as importantly, it is spreading the word far and wide that The Fishermen’s Mission is here to help, whatever the problem.”

As part of the collaborative effort, Talisker has created the Talisker & Oyster Signature Pairing Kit, which is available to purchase through Loch Fyne Oysters’ at-home delivery service. The kit consists of two Talisker 50ml bottles and a dozen oysters.

For every image of the pairing kit shared on social media with the hashtag #ShuckTogether, Talisker will pledge £1 (US$1.30) to The Fishermen’s Mission to support the economic recovery of coastal communities.

Aston-Martin Granted Alcohol Trademark Making A Stir

Licor 43 creates Home Quiz game

July 30,2020

Spanish liqueur brand Licor 43 has launched Home Quiz, an online game created to meet the demand for at-home entertainment as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

To meet the demand for new entertainment, Licor 43 has created Home Quiz to provide an additional way of interacting directly with its consumers around the world.

Licor 43 Home Quiz is an online game open to everyone. Accessed at, users will be able to share a code with friends to invite them to the game, which sees players vote for their favourite answers to different questions.

Julian Fernandez, Zamora Company’s global marketing and innovation director of spirits, said: “This is a real-time game which people can play no matter where they are in the world.

“We had already been looking at something fun to introduce to our brand portfolio, and Covid simply moved our agenda forwards. This game builds on our ‘tastes better together’ message – we’re showing people that Licor 43 can still bring people together, even if it is virtually.”

The brand will run a global and market-specific social media campaign to promote the Home Quiz game and encourage participants to share their results on social media.



Aston-Martin Granted Alcohol Trademark Making A Stir

London Cocktail Week Will Go Live In October

July 23,2020

The team behind UKs London Cocktail Week have announced that they will stage a live event —with a few COVID inspired changes—later this year.

To help drive funds to the besieged service industry, London Cocktail Week will grow beyond their name. The event will last through the entire month of October. In addition, the popular Cocktail Village will take a one year hiatus for safety reasons.

“We’ve worked tirelessly for a decade to put our city firmly on the map as the cocktail capital of the world and we now occupy a unique position as the conduit between drinks brands, bars and thousands and thousands of consumers,” declared a joint statement from LCW Co-Owners/Organizers Hannah Sharman-Cox and Siobhan Payne.

“As such, we feel it is our duty to use our platform and our voice to provide a solid, trusted foundation to support small businesses within our trade, and help get the London bar scene back where it should be.

We feel hugely grateful for the incredible backing of this mission from our sponsors and believe that London can act as a blueprint to show other major cities around the world what can be achieved when an industry shows a united front in the face of adversity.”

The event will focus on showcasing and bolstering London’s impressive roster of craft cocktail bars through drink tours, specials, on-premises activations, and a new virtual component.

Aston-Martin Granted Alcohol Trademark Making A Stir

De Kuyper Celebrates 325 years

July 22,2020

As distilleries around the world wonder how they are to move forward amidst this global pandemic, they can take heart from the example of Dutch distilling brand De Kuyper Royal Distillers.

This year marks the distillery’s 325th year, a milestone that has seen the company weather 10 different pandemics, not to mention wars, depressions and technological shifts.

This ability to embrace entrepreneurship and the long-term vision has seen the company become the world’s number one cocktail liqueur brand, availably in more than 100 countries with sales exceeding 40 million bottles annually.

First opening in 1752, De Kuyper has had a rich and successful history that includes royal recognition in 1995 by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix on the occasion of the 300th anniversary.

Putting the cocktail at the centre of everything they do, the brand is looking to the future with education through their “Own The Cocktail” initiative, intended to demystify cocktails for both consumers and aspiring bartenders alike.

Mark de Witte, CEO of De Kuyper Royal Distillers, has said: “I am incredibly proud to lead this beautiful family business, to be part of its 325th anniversary and at the same time to build a promising future.

“Driven by ambition and passion for craft distillation, De Kuyper will continue to develop and grow as an innovative and progressive premium distiller, producer and brand builder. De Kuyper is thirsty for more, and very ready for the next 325 years!”

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