October 9,2020

California-based Ron Izalco has launched a 15 Year Cask Strength, which comprises a blend of Central American rums aged in ex-Bourbon barrels.

Bottled at a cask strength of 55.3% ABV, Ron Izalco 15 Year Cask Strength is made without sugar or other additives. It is made using a blend of Central American rum aged in ex-Bourbon barrels and without the use of the solera method of ageing.

The new rum is said to be the only cask strength, non-solera aged, Spanish-style rum crafted with no sugars or additives.

Karthik Sudhir founder and CEO, said: “High-end spirits and rum connoisseurs are eager for new expressions that are complex yet beautifully balanced, full-bodied and made with no sugar and no additives. We developed Ron Izalco 15-Year-Old Cask Strength to provide a more pure and authentic drinking experience specifically with these consumers in mind.

“Ron Izalco 15 Year Old is generous and intense offering the ultimate satisfaction for the true rum aficionado. It is made to be sipped, savoured and shared.”

The cask strength rum is said to have “an array of intensely fruity aromas” that lead to soft tannins and flavours of baked pineapple and several layers of spices.

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October 16,2020

Highland distiller Loch Lomond has unveiled two age-statement single malt whiskies as part of its core range, including a cask strength 30-year-old Scotch.

Michael Henry, Loch Lomond Whiskies master blender, said: “Working on these two aged products has been a pleasure. Each expression perfectly showcases our signature style and the range of flavours that Loch Lomond Whiskies is known for – fruits, spice and a hint of peat. Working with both American oak and oloroso casks has created wonderfully distinctive, warming flavours that we hope whisky lovers will enjoy.”

Loch Lomond 30 Years Old, which is bottled at a cask strength of 47% ABV, has been matured in American oak casks and half the liquid used in its production was finished in oloroso Sherry casks.  It is said to have aromas of honey, peach, vanilla and cinnamon spice on the nose. On the palate, it has flavours of toffee, fresh pineapple and a subtle spice of ginger and nutmeg.

The Loch Lomond 21 Years Old Single Malt, which is bottled at 46% ABV, is made using three styles of spirit, two of which are peated. Each whisky was matured in American oak casks, before being married together for up to three months. It is said to offer flavours of sweet vanilla fudge, peaches, pears and a touch of cinnamon.

Both Loch Lomond 21 Years Old and Loch Lomond 30 Years Old will be available globally. For more information, go to


Beam Suntory Announces First World Blended Whisky

October 16,2020

Beam Suntory has announced the launch of the first-ever world blended whisky, Suntory World Whisky ‘Ao’, exclusive to global travel retail.

Available in 16 markets, ‘Ao’ is the first innovative whisky launch in global travel retail since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Blended using whisky from five of the most renowned distilleries in Japan, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the US, ‘Ao’, meaning blue, is named after the oceans that connect the distilleries together.

With notes of vanilla, tropical fruit and cinnamon, it is the distinctive climate, fermentation and distillation processes in each whisky-making region that give the whisky its unique taste.

Fifth-generation Suntory chief blender, Shinji Fukuyo said: “Ao is an exceptional whisky which, through the art of Suntory blending, allows you to enjoy the unique characteristics of all five major whisky-making regions.”



October 14,2020

Scotland’s Orkney Distillery will release their new Northwest Passage Expedition Gin with botanicals from the shores of Orkney and the Hudson Bay in Canada.

The new gin will pay tribute to the explorers who sought to find a new route to Asia, while also helping to raise money for a team of rowers who plan to row the Northwest Passage, the sea route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, which passes through the Arctic Ocean.

Leven Brown, seven-time ocean-rowing Guinness World Record holder and expedition leader, said: “We are thrilled to launch Northwest Passage Expedition Gin to support our 2021 expedition and raise awareness for ocean conservation. This is our first step towards making history.”

The new expression is made with botanicals from the shores of Orkney and the Hudson Bay in Canada. It is said to pay tribute to the explorers who sought to find a new route to Asia.

The gin uses botanicals such as sugar kelp, angelica, ramanas rose and burnet rose.

Stephen Kemp, co-founder of The Orkney Distillery, said: “The creation of Northwest Passage Expedition Gin has been inspirational and we are thrilled to have been part of something so exciting.

“The result is a high-quality gin, created using a selection of botanicals rooted in history and from the same water source that supplied the ships of Captain Cook and Sir John Franklin. We hope existing and new gin drinkers will enjoy it.”

Furthermore, the rowing team will also take part in data collection for non-profit organisation the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, which will be used for future research.

For more information on Northwest Passage Expedition Gin, go to


Mount Gay Rum Releases New Limited-Edition Expression

October 14,2020

Mount Gay unveils the Master Blender Collection: The Port Cask Expression, the third limited-edition in the exclusive series.

Created by the Distillery’s first female Master Blender, Trudiann Branker, Port Cask pushes the boundaries of rum-making by incorporating the use of Tawny Port casks for the first time in Mount Gay’s history.

The result, a beautifully complex blend that is in line with the signature Mount Gay Rum profile, but with a twist; giving notes of cherry, dried fruit, oak, prune and almond on the palate.

“For this expression, I wanted to take our rum making to another level and utilize a cask that we don’t typically work with at Mount Gay, while still remaining true to over 300 years of brand heritage,” stated Trudiann Branker, Master Blender.

“After trying different casks and evaluating the resulting flavours, I selected Tawny Port casks for the bold expression of notes typically found in Port. I am thrilled to release this rich and multi-faceted rum, as well as create something unique and different as part of the Master Blender Collection.”

Bottled at 55% ABV, the expressions has the aroma notes of vanilla, caramel, almond, dried fruit, with cherry, dried fruit, oak, spice, prune, currents and almond on the palate.

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Tequila Herradura Launches Legend, a First-of-Its-Kind Tequila

October 14,2020

Tequila Herradura is expanding its ultra-premium portfolio with the launch of Tequila Herradura Legend, a first-of-its-kind Añejo tequila.

Tequila Herradura Legend is made from the finest 100% blue agave, naturally fermented, distilled and then matured for 14 months in heavily charred, new American White Oak barrels.

The result is a tequila with an incredibly rich, deep colour and a luxurious, velvety smooth taste.

“At Tequila Herradura, we are focused on bringing Mexico’s greatest export – tequila – to the world,” said John Tichenor, Managing Director, Tequila Herradura.

“Known for innovating in the tequila category-creating both the Reposado and the Extra-Añejo category – Tequila Herradura Legend is the next first-of-its-kind tequila to come out of Casa Herradura.”

Tequila Herradura Legend also marks the first release under a new generation of Casa Herradura’s female legacy. Karinna Enriquez Hurtado currently serves as Master Taster at the historic Casa Herradura in Amatitán, Mexico and joins a decades-long heritage of women leading Tequila Herradura from barrel to bottle.

“Legend’s one-of-a-kind production process is truly what makes this product unique in the tequila category,” said Hurtado, Casa Herradura Master Taster.

“By developing specialized barrels featuring these deeper grooves, we allow the liquid to touch additional layers of oak for a longer period of time, creating an Añejo with an extra rich, smooth flavour.”

For more information on Tequila Herradura Legend, go to

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