Celebrate Tequila Day With A Tequila Quiz

Sure, you could celebrate Tequila Day with a nice Agave cocktail but why not show your superior Tequila knowledge by doing our quiz as well.

By: Tiff Christie|July 24,2020

So you think you’re all about those Agave spirits? Do you really know the difference between Tequila and Mecal? Why not come south of the border and spend Tequila Day showing us just how much you know.

How long does an agave plant take to be ready to harvest?

How much do harvested piñas normally weigh?

What does a jimador do?

What is sangrita?

Tequila can legally only be labelled tequila if it's produced in one of 5 Mexican states. Which of the following states cannot label its distilled agave drink 'tequila'?

There are five types of tequila. Which one is made up?

Which of these celebrities has never owned a tequila brand?

Tequila? Mezcal? What's the difference? Which of these statements is false?

An unaged Tequila product is called?

The new category, Ultra Anejo was created recently, 2006. This can also be called Extra Anejo but by law it must be how old?

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Celebrate Tequila Day With A Tequila Quiz

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