Bacardi's Daiquiri Quiz

As Australian bartenders prepare for Bacardi’s Daiquiri Speed Competition next week, we have the quiz questions from the first round – are you as knowledgeable as a bartender?

By: Tiff Christie|July 7,2020

What year did the 15 year old Facundo Bacardí emehgrate to Cuba?

What four rums were first produced by Bacardi in 1862

Don Facundo had a pet bat named 'Koda' and this is where the bar logo came from

What is the proprietary yeast strain that Bacardí uses to achieve it unique flavours referred to?

How is the current chairman of Bacardi Limited related to Don Facundo Bacardí?

What cocktails are most synonympous with bacardí

Who invented the Daiquiri?

Wjat two types of still were first used to create Bacardi Rum?

What are the four things that make Bacardí Rums unique?

What is the Daiquiri cocktail named after?

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Bacardi's Daiquiri Quiz

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