Four Pillars Has Your Christmas Sorted

Four Pillars have released their Christmas Gin, as well as a pudding, relish and glaze that will make your Christmas Day complete

By: Tiff Christie|November 5,2019

If you’re at all concerned about pulling everything together in time for Christmas, then Australian Gin Distillery, Four Pillars, may just have you covered.

This year, the distillery are again releasing their highly anticipated Christmas Gin and their popular Christmas Pudding, but that’s not all. Four Pillars also have a Rare Dry Gin Glaze and a Cranberry and Gin Orange Relish to make your Christmas, even more, gin flavoured.

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Y'all love our Orange Marmalade and Breakfast #Negroni so much. Well, we're excited to tell you that on Saturday 2 November, we'll be launching these two brand new Made From Gin jars of deliciousness just in time for your Chrissie feasts. Our Rare Dry Gin Glaze is perfect for pouring over your Christmas ham, roast turkey and BBQ ribs. And our Cranberry & Gin Relish is the ultimate addition to your cheese platters, charcuterie boards and leftover ham and turkey sangas. Created by @mrwilkinsons and @abitofjamandpickle, both are made from the by-products of our gin distillations – gin-steamed oranges and spent botanicals. So they pack one hell of a flavour punch! Subscribe via the link in our bio for early access to these beauties before they launch this November via our website, distillery and MYER pop-ups #FourPillarsGin #MadeFromGin #DrinkBetterGin #gin #YarraValley #Christmas #local #Healesville

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The Rare Dry Gin Glaze will bring a little gin magic to your Christmas dinner as it is a fabulous ham glaze. Made by local jammers, A Bit Of Jam & Pickle, the glaze uses botanicals and oranges that are left over from the Rare Dry Gin distillation.

The Cranberry and Gin Orange Relish is quite literally the fruits of Four Pillars’ gin-making. They’ve combined their gin-steamed oranges with cranberries, apples and a hint of spice. Perfect for leftover ham and turkey sandwiches, the relish is sensational on any kind of burger and brilliant on the side of a plate of cheeses, cold cuts and leftovers.

The Christmas Gin and the Christmas Pudding are again getting a brand new label design. This year, the label features an Illawarra flame tree by landscape painter Tim Summerton. In full blazing red bloom, the east-coast trees add a distinctly Christmas feel as they only flower from November.

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2019 AUSTRALIAN CHRISTMAS GIN IS LIVE!! Grab your bottles, and a Christmas Gin Pudding or two from our Healesville distillery, our website via the link in our bio, and any of our MYER pop-up stores at Bourke St Mall, Chadstone and George St Sydney. Here's to an awesome Aussie Christmas folks, cheers! #AustralianChristmasGin #FourPillarsGin #DrinkBetterGin #YarraValley #barrelaged #gin #Christmas #pudding #Healesville #distillery

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Made with a hearty splash of their Australian Christmas Gin, the Four Pillars Christmas pudding is made by Elisha Webber, Yarra Valley local and owner of Silver Penny Puddings. And she works this merry magic by soaking the pudding fruit in our Christmas gin for an entire week. That gin-soaked fruit is then hand-mixed with pureed gin-steamed oranges, combined with the rest of the pudding ingredients, and steamed for four hours.

The Christmas Gin itself is always highly anticipated with the distillery finding more than a few people lined up before opening on the day of the release, just to get their hands on it. And understandably so, as the gin takes 11 months to age, with next year’s production kicking off on the day of 2019’s release.

The Christmas Gin is also available in a premium copper detailed gift box with a beautiful copper bar for your gin-gifting pleasure!


(R to L) Christmas Gin & Ginger, Christmas Martinez

And how best to enjoy this gin? Well, you could have your Christmas Gin on the rocks or with a splash or two of tonic, but Four Pillars suggest that you make the day even more memorable with these easy recipes.

The Christmas Gin & Ginger makes for easy drinking on a sun-filled day. Alternatively, a Christmas Martinez is a delicious additional treat post-pudding.

Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin, Christmas pudding, Gin Orange Relish & Rare Dry Gin Glaze are all available online from until sold out.

Christmas Martinez


• 40ml Australian Christmas Gin

• 20ml sweet vermouth

• 5ml Benedictine

• A couple of dashes Angostura bitters


• Stir all ingredients over ice

• Strain into a chilled coupe

• Garnish with an orange twist

Christmas Gin & Ginger


• 45ml Australian Christmas Gin

• 15ml Freshly squeezed lime juice

• 2 dashes bitters

• Ginger beer or ale (it’s up to you)


• Add gin and bitters to a highball glass over ice

• Squeeze in half a lime and top with ginger beer or ale

• Drop-in that squeezed lime as garnish

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Four Pillars Has Your Christmas Sorted

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